martes, 29 de abril de 2014

Macaria, thanks to you, we have succeeded.

     I got it !
   Thank you!
As few people ,
He managed to solve anything like it.
   With your help ,
 We were able to convert ,
   Truth be imposed ,
    about as much
  Evil or falsity ,
  Transform everything ,
     In beautiful poetry ,
     Something more .
   Curse it ,
   Strange disease
 With your struggle and determination,
     It has been ,
     End of
    In a stroke of luck ,
   Of course!
   also ,
As - well - was already
To Don Julian.
   From now on,
  Thank you mother
  I will live,
 I will dream happy.
 She never existed
    Neither exist.
 Will wait cheerful ,
 Without it I will ,
  This time !
Until eternity.
  I'll be alone,
 Not even come,
 That other callers,
" Scythe or death."
 Tell Don Julian !
 What a great joy !
 For-all - us
  What little sanity !
  The others,
  They thought something ,
   Although,even ,
They could not even imagine,
    What -is-about?
   Especially What is it?
      Where - is - it ?
   All has passed,
   Now - and -is- will be
   Bella poetry
  Lots of happiness.
A kiss for you
  Another Don Julian
 See you ! Soon!
 (1) Notes, references or links :
"Relive DeLegge the words of Charles Mackay, Scottish poet and journalist , who published in 1841 " Memoirs of extraordinary popular desilusions , and the madnes of crowds " ("Memoirs of extraordinary delusions and the madness of crowds . ") This author explained called " hobbies " or mass stupidity . " Mackay said," men think like cattle . Go mad in herds , but when one gets in trouble the senses , making the rest goes one on one "

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