lunes, 10 de marzo de 2014

My Peruvian friend.

I have been heard ,
Best know or apprehend ,
 On its dubious existence ,
I approached closer to him.
 " My Peruvian friend "
      Always !
 So - has - to be ,
Strange and unusual way ,
  To contact him ,
  By another person.
     Until now !
  Never has been,
Face to face with him .
  My other great friend,
       It will be,
 Without hesitation-and-was :
  ( *) " LL.T. "
 Who to my attention,
 Write several folios ,
"Reflection of the meeting,
In keeping with Isabel.
  "My Peruvian friend "
     Shortly before
   He said quietly
Do not miss the appointment!
    Thank you!
 Peruvian friend
  We'll have to see us,
    Do you wonder?
   Dear Isabel :
It will not be necessary!
      Yes, really ,
Act-correctly-for .
Thank you !also,
To my great friend
     "LL. T. "
Much rejoice !
 As our boats ,
They sail together or separately,
    Always, always,
 On the same sea, river or stream,
       That is , it will be :
 Eternal friendship, true current.
My Peruvian friend

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