jueves, 20 de febrero de 2014

On this day, I told.

On this day
   I told
A Thierlessumé that :
Mr. Lemelemé that or ,
Without hesitation,
This is one more
As many as there are ,
Here , there and further,
Even too and
 He is and will
Like many others,
A false prophet
 About the same ,
 Let  others .
His specialty is speaking,
Courses and talks to
 Nothing, really -that provide
 For this situation better?
     It's that simple!
  Of course!
 They will listen ,
 Formed , learn,
     At the end !
  Check out " marketing "
   In the art of teaching :
   Little or nothing ,
  The stories always:
   So-no- more!
  Finally !
 What can we do?
  A few charge ,
 Others pay for .
 The pity is that :
 Our two teachers,
  When arriving ?
 They will, much - later
 When everything is "sold "
 No matter , because:
 Most importantly:
 Will they finish touring 
  Sooner than later :
  Falling into the account
  Know well what is
  Turn back !
  More or less well,
Think , know " grasp " .
What is it?
What ? Desaprehender ?
How is it ?
This is to let "prejudices aside"
  Just that then!


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