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My "life" just before birth.

A minute before becoming " person " who, in our civil code : literally says in Article 29, the personality is acquired at birth alive once produced the entire evolution of the womb "
Is it possible? Most people do not believe this story , say, that this is a real " story" about as I recall, the previous life history before being a person, in the legal sense , the period since I hatched until my mother let me go to this world , therefore, several months before that, approximately , runs for about 35 or 36 weeks, if I 'm not mistaken in the calculation, in which case the minor does not have the previous data , for I want to emphasize in this story or tale .

Before seeing this world (*) each of us has to overcome many obstacles, the first of which , as I recall , more or less , it was a mad rush at full speed from a specific point , the output to reach the goal, in which there is only the possibility , for one, others will fall by the wayside or die, when the only winner, starts living inside the womb , feel a real ordeal to adapt to the environment , birth grow , train and realize the place where he has "fallen" what - in has brought reality will be the only winner of this first great battle of life , which is why many believe that we are almost always immersed in a constant competition exception of wanting to be the first to rush to abandon life and finally to you packaged in a grave or niche and rest in peace , no matter how tired we are of life that we live .
Returning to the initial instant , with the rest of my colleagues went " swimming fired " at full speed, after a few seconds , I looked askance - what - only two of us left to reach our goal . At that moment , I had to take the first decision even if it is true , there is another possibility, I thought we could be two winners and good friends hold hands and begin to develop a strategy , all in favor of our particular interests . Thereafter , together and think together .
From now on , that is what destiny wants! , But do not be the same except that accompanied , I thought.
I take a nice surprise! my " neighbor " had had the same idea also we agreed to the first , we look at formed a team for us to reach our destination , the goal , therefore, be twin brothers obviously born first one below the other .
The other competitors , we take sufficient advantage to them , to believe that - probably - already - so results on the fly - it had agreed to jointly carry - on produce .
During the course of this " sprint " We had the opportunity to chat about what to expect, some not so unknown , as in principle, one would think , to meet the outside world.
Mary Elizabeth, told me : I'm not so sure that we are interested to appear in that place : What do you think awaits us there? Exactly , I do not know , but do me any idea , for example: I think we 'll have to make a living ? with our own efforts , we will no longer be children of a very " wealthy " gentlemen say .
Well, that is - exactly - the least ! Besides, that 's what most of those living in the world where we go, more than 98 % we curran great time, the rest can be said to live in " hat " and what is worse , some of the latter are elected - in some countries - say - democratically to address other material interests and concerns of all others, the latter issue that is clearly not being a "real phony " .
Yes but , being the " lot " not - exactly - brings many benefits, we say !
And you say it! however, we have other options before reaching the goal and we have more than enough time for it.
Brother ! I think , most likely , is that it is you who see the wonderful world awaits you , in my case, I will think , " very much " before choosing between one option or another .
Do not mess around , girl! I 'll leave you alone to danger ! Prefer to go with me ! Think about it , please!
Well, I think it will be rather not! this is a very personal decision , you just - sure, you do assert better than my company , moreover, will not leave you " all alone " I give you a hand in how much you need, you just have to give me " a touch " and instantly , I come in your help , provided that - really - need it , I hope you do not call for any" bullshit " and never better , because you will be male and commit thousands of other nonsense, perhaps too many for a lifetime . Right? fearful as a result rather " loose " to be small , however , I have commented that I have plenty of time to decide whether I stay here or otherwise I go with you.
Well, okay , what did I do, although I would prefer you to come with me , I 'm sure we would have more fun think that two heads are better than one , let alone with the great talent you have ? . You're right, the girls are worth much more than the boys for these extremely complicated to decide matters most situations.
I do not need to do the " thread " I insist, if you need something -anything- I know I 'll have at your side and if I go out there, I can not help you in the same way . So when I have decided to let me hasten to medium body , that you insert in the egg you alone, I wish you luck , I'm sure we 'll see you soon receive first call or SOS immediately . You'll be very pleasantly surprised - how will be the life that you 're going to " stick " in that world as " noisy " awaits you with open arms. First, your mother will not leave you alone until even when you leave home to live with another person, insist a lot in making you want to follow the " wash "and stuff. Soon!  http://isaespi.blogspot.com.es/2014/02/my-life-just-before-birth.html

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