martes, 11 de febrero de 2014

If I were in your "place."

Boys, girls!
By "early "I'll tell,
    A history
Endearing and interesting
Some chapters,
 Above all,
Those who witness ,
And that, in part, was,
Excluding the end.
I remember, very well-today
As if it were yesterday ,
  The eldest brother ,
   He asked :
What about farms?
What do you think?
On several occasions,
Again and again ,
By way of comment ,
   I said :
Yes you were in your place
  I take care of one thing:
For the "responsible "barnyard
 Check - at least -
Personally, once a month ,
How are the chickens health ?
Are the eggs laid ?
And how much the place?
On whom can we trust?
 Specifically, I assured them :
  In no !
 Nor me!
You - you- you have
 Own farm,
Whose name and site
I have to sound :
  How you know,
I call it " affectionately "
 At other times,
  I have heard of you :
The ways of the head
The paths of cashews ,
 Therefore, your situation,
  Right now, without doubt ,
  It's the best , it is ideal.
   So that :
  Do it slowly ,
  No hassles,
  For more !
Thanks for listening !
 See you !
Yes it is possible ?
Close, very close to the sea.

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